Monday, December 30, 2013

Fancy Pants Designs | Weather Report: SNOW

Is it snowing where you are?

Well, its not here. lol

It has though, on and off through the month, and I was lucky enough to get a cute photo of the boys checking out the first snow of the season. Unfortunately it was late at night, so I had to tweak the photo a bit, go black and white, to get it to look its best. :)

I used the Timber Grove collection from Fancy Pants Designs, and it is just amazing! 

Did you notice that I didn't stitch on this layout??
I know, right? It bothered me, too!

The reason for that is because I scrapped this on my coffee table. Yep, right in the middle of my new living room! New? You ask....

Well, we didn't move. But we are completely rearranging 3 rooms in our house. A new living room (old family room), a new family/movie/game room (old living room) and a new SCRAP ROOM!!! (old game room). !!!! I am so excited! We will still have the family computer in there, unless we can work it into the front room (new family/movie/game room). I am okay with that though! ;)

Not sure when it will be in a state that I can share photos. I would love to be able to have one of those perfectly organized, pretty, all the cool organizers scrap room. But, that probably won't happen. More than likely it will be more of a boring office overflowing with scrap goodies! ha! ;)

Have a good one!!


  1. Love this page Jenny, and all of the Blue you used to create a Winter look!! I hope all of the room rearranging goes well and you get your scrappy area set up soon!

  2. Good luck with rearranging the furniture! It will bring a fresh start to the new year. LOL! Your LO is absolutely gorgeous...x

  3. This may sound odd, seeing as how I'm a complete stranger to you...but I would love to see pictures (perfect or not) of how you rearrange your house! Your room swap sounds fascinating and I would love to see the progress. I have kids finally starting to leave the house for college and I could use some good room ideas!


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