Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Project Life 2014 | Week 1

My process this year with Project Life, is to simply do what works for me. I may not follow the weekly process. I may completely skip weeks. I may have 2 photos one week, and then have 10 photos the following week. There may be some weeks I do not share, as some things are very private and personal.

Because of this, I have decided to work in a mix of page sizes. I have bought THIS pack by Becky Higgins, as well as THIS pack. I don't have an issue with different size pages. I have issues with lots of things, but this.....nah, doesn't bother me. ;)

So, for the first week, I went with a basic 12x12 sheet. THIS one to be exact. It was a fun filled first week to the year...
I used a good mix of Cocoa Daisy kits, as well as my personal stash.

Remember when I said I wasn't going to worry about perfection? Welp, here is a great example...I am still learning how to use my typewriter. Yep, I have made MANY mistakes so far! Ha, oh well, it still works, right?

Can you tell that I am really liking the "white look" right now?? I really am loving the fresh, crisp look of it, both layouts and Project Life. Of course I will always love color, but why not go with what you like in the moment? And, gasp! I may even try watercolor...what?!!! Yep, I am loving that trend, too! ;)

So, that's my week 1. I am working on week 2 and 3 now, and will have those to share with you all later!

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  1. Love your first week! That's exactly how I'm coming at Project Life this year too! Last year I tried it for the first time and failed miserably because I was too much of a perfectionist in it and I wouldn't allow myself to do anything else until I did my PL pages and it just made me not want to do them even more! This year, I'm way more relaxed and I've already gotten way more done with it than I did last year! I love the look of your pages! The white look is fab! I look forward to seeing more of your PL album this year!


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